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Chances of Admission Predictions for Top Colleges

Go4Ivy calculates high school students' chances of getting into top colleges and universities. We use comprehensive and unique algorithms for each college that we feature.  These algorithms have been tested, refined and updated on an ongoing basis for almost two decades.  Our calculations take into account a range of qualitative and quantitative student data including test scores (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP), GPA, class rank, demographic background, legacy, recruited athlete, activities, leadership and other important application data.  Our chances of admission predictions are backed by a money-back accuracy guarantee.  

How the Chances of Admissions Calculator Works

Discover Your Chances of Getting In to Top Colleges

We don’t have one of those nifty Magic 8 Balls to tell you “it is certain” or “outlook not so good.” What we DO have is even better…Extensive data, a long-standing knowledge of the college admissions process and a strong background in advanced mathematics, which allows us to calculate an applicant's percentage chance of admission at top colleges.  On the report, the percentage chances are grouped into reach, likely and safety school categories and compared to the average applicant's chance of admission at each school to put the competitiveness of the college into perspective. 

Yes, the College Admissions Process IS Predictable

You might like to believe that the college admissions process is highly personal and that applicants are not just the sum of their numbers.  In some cases, that is true, but it is the exception not the rule.

The reality is that the numbers matter a lot to the admissions officers and the colleges….ever heard of a little thing called college rankings??  It is also true that an applicant’s qualitative achievements such as sports, clubs and volunteering also fit into nice little boxes. 

Making Accurate Predictions Takes a Lot of Data, Knowledge and Analysis

Admissions officers at top colleges take many factors into account during the admissions process, which is why our algorithms are comprehensive and include everything from test scores to demographic information to activities and more. We update our algorithms whenever new data is available and when the colleges make changes to their admissions requirements. We also offer a money-back accuracy guarantee.

We offer chances of admission predictions for the following top U.S. colleges and universities:

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