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 Go4Ivy assists high school students in their college search by helping them to develop a comprehensive approach and strategy for selecting colleges and universities to apply to. Our unique contribution is that for each college or university, selected by a student, we can provide his/her chances of being accepted by that school. Our predictions of chances of admission have been over 90% acccurate since we started our service in 2001 and we refund our fee for any college or university for which our prediction turns out to be incorrect. 

   1. Identification and Groupings of Top Most Comprtitive Colleges and Universities

We have identified more than 150 top most selective colleges and universities and in addtition to listing them alphbetically, we grouped them by the geographical region (e.g., Northeast, Western, Upstate New York), by the athletic conference (e.g., (Ivy League, Big Ten) and by specialty or type (e.g., engineering schools, service academies, women's colleges). Click on the buttons at the top of the page or the blue College Profile button on the left side to view the groupings. For each school, we include key statistics which give a flavor of the school, including undergraduate acceptance rate, enrollment, most popular majors, and admission requirements (SAT, ACT, writing section, SAT subject tests and essay). For each college and university, we provide a link to its website which is likely to answer additional questions students may have, such as, the available majors, courses offered, varsity and club athletic teams, extracuricular activities, visiting the campus and college tours.

    2. Strategy for Selecting Schools and Maximizing Your Chances of Admission

Our advice on narrowing down your choices is that the procedure should include looking at the campus, its location and neighborhood, preferably by visiting the school. If a college tour is not a possiblitlty, you should consider a virtual tour on the school's website or through a commercial company which offers this service. For our advice on college visits and tours, please click the blue Visiting Colleges button on the left side of this page. For our advice on maximizing your chances of admission, please click on the approppriate blue button on the left side of this page, depending on whether you are a freshman, sophmore, junior or senior.

    3. Obtaining Your Chances of Being Accepted by the Colleges and Universities You Have Selected

Once you select a dozen or more colleges that fit your criteria, the question becomes: what are your chances of being accepted by the schools that you have  selected. Each school provides ample statistics on its undergraduate admissions, including the acceptance rates, statistical distributions of SAT's, ACT's and GPA's of students who were accepted in prior years. Colleges and universities also publish information on the ethnic and geographical distribution of their undergraduates. However, all the statistics are not not helpful in determining your chances of getting accepted by a particular college or university. For example, if all your SAT scores and your GPA are near the median of or a particular college, are you likely to be accepted ? What if you are "in the range" of the reported statistics for a school, are your chances of being accepted 20% or 80% ? How do you account for all other factors that colleges consider ? Most colleges and universities report that they use a holistic approach for determining whether to accept an applicant. In addition, to test scores and other quantitative measures, they consider personal experiences and achievments of applicants, including their athletic achievments, their awards, their leadership positions and their backgrounds. Schools place different weights on these factors, which makes the determination of the chances of admission even more difficult. This is where Go4Ivy can help.

Go4Ivy has developed an algorithm for each college and university listed on our website, which calculates the chances of admission based on the same factors that schools use to make their decisions.  We continualy improve and update our algorithms to account for changes in schools' approaches, changes of schools' statistics and the feedback we receive on accuracy of our predictions in prior years. In short, Go4Ivy uses advanced statistical analysis and more than a decade of admissions prediction experience to boil down the complexities of the college admissions process to one, easy-to-intepret parameter: your percentage chance of getting into to a college or a university

    Why Should Your Trust Our Predictions of Your Chances of Admission ?

Anyone can give you predictions of your chances of being admitted to a specific college or university, so why should you trust our predictions? We are the only service (as far as we know) which refunds the fee for any prediction that turns out to be incorrect. We also keep track of the accuracy of our predictions and encourage our clients to report their admission outcomes. We use this feedback to refine and improve our algorithms. We are proud that our predictions, since we began in 2001, have been over 90% accurate. Please click on the Accuracy Guaranteed icon at the top right of this page for details of our refund policy and of the procedure for determining the accuracy of our predictions. We are also proud of our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau which we joined in 2005.


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