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As one of the Ivy League Colleges, Brown University ranks among the most selective colleges in the U.S.  But every year thousands of talented applicants are accepted…you could be one of them. If you’re curious about your chances of admission at Brown, Go4Ivy can help by calculating your highly accurate and guaranteed chances of admission.

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— Sandra Petersen, Parent, Highland Park, IL

The History of Brown University

As the third oldest college in New England and the seventh oldest in America, Brown was the Baptist answer to Congregationalist Yale and Harvard; Presbyterian Princeton; and Episcopalian Penn and Columbia. At the time, it was the only college that welcomed students of all religious persuasions (following the example of Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island in 1636 on the same principle). Brown has long since shed its Baptist affiliation, but it remains dedicated to diversity and intellectual freedom. Brown is one of the eight Ivy League Colleges.

The history of Brown tells of a university undergoing constant change. Founded in 1764 as the College of Rhode Island in Warren, Rhode Island, the school registered its first students in 1765. It moved in 1770 to its present location on College Hill, overlooking the capital city of Providence. In 1804, in recognition of a gift from Nicholas Brown, the College of Rhode Island was renamed Brown University. The first women were admitted in 1891 with the establishment of the Women’s College in Brown University. This marked the beginning of eighty years of a coordinate structure for educating women within the University. Later known as Pembroke College, the women’s college was merged with Brown in 1971.

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