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Middlebury College ranks among the most selective colleges in the U.S.  But every year thousands of talented applicants are accepted… could you be one of them?   If you’re curious about your chances of admission at Middlebury and other NESCAC colleges, Go4Ivy can help by calculating your highly-accurate, guaranteed chances of admissionCollege Admissions Services has developed an algorithm which calculates students' chances of being accepted to Middlebury College based on the same data that is considered by the admissions office. Since 2001, Go4Ivy's predictions of getting accepted by top colleges and universities have been over 90% accurate. We refund our fee for any prediction of admission which is incorrect. For details of the accuracy of our predictions of chances of acceptance and our refund policy, please click on the Accuracy Guaranteed icon on the top right of the page.

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About Middlebury College

At Middlebury, students choose a major from among 40 departments and programs. The most papular majors in recent years, by number of graduates, have been economics, psychology, English, political science, international studies, environmental studies, and history. Close to 40 percent of graduating seniors choose a single major in a traditional academic discipline, and about 30 percent of students complete a double or joint major combining two disciplines. Another 30 percent of students major in one of the College's interdisciplinary programs such as international studies, environmental studies, neuroscience, molecular biology and biochemistry, or women's and gender studies.

All undergraduates must complete a set of College degree requirements including a writing-intensive first-year seminar taught by their academic adviser, a second writing-intensive course, and 11 distribution and cultures and civilizations requirements covering the major areas of the liberal arts. Middlebury has a 4-1-4 academic calendar, with 12-week fall and spring terms and a four-week winter term during which students take one course.

Nearly two-thirds of Middlebury seniors complete a thesis, project, or other substantial piece of research during their final year at Middlebury. Many of these projects are carried out in collaboration with faculty members. In the sciences, Middlebury undergraduates are able to work with faculty members on research projects using the many pieces of advanced scientific instrumentation that the College has acquired in recent years.

Middlebury's residence halls are grouped into "living-learning communities," called Commons. The Commons combine the academic, social, and residential components of college and foster close and abiding relationships, not only among the student residents, but also among the faculty and staff who are part of their Commons. There are five Commons on campus. Each develops its own system of self-governance, and each is staffed by an administrative team that is on site to provide support to student residents. The Commons faculty head is responsible for setting the academic and social tone of the Commons and for programming activities (lectures, field trips, parties, and other events) that involve students, faculty, and staff. The Commons dean administers the daily operations of the Commons and handles all residential issues, as well as academic and personal advising. A substantial proportion of the first-year seminars offered are Commons-based, which means that the students enrolled in a particular seminar are assigned to live in the same Commons, with supplementary programming for the course also sponsored by the Commons.

Middlebury offers numerous activities including 30 varsity sports teams, and 28% of students participate in varsity sports at Middlebury. Middlebury also offers numerous clubs ranging from fly fishing to rugby, as well as a number of outdoor activities and programs. The college has its own ski recreation center for cross-country skiing and a golf course.

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