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Williams College ranks among the most selective colleges in the U.S.  But every year thousands of talented applicants are accepted… could you be one of them?   If you’re curious about your chances of admission at Williams and other NESCAC colleges, Go4Ivy can help by calculating your highly-accurate, guaranteed chances of admissionCollege Admissions Services has developed an algorithm which calculates students' chances of being accepted to Williams College based on the same data that is considered by the admissions office. Since 2001, Go4Ivy's predictions of getting accepted by top colleges and universities have been over 90% accurate. We refund our fee for any prediction of admission which is incorrect. For details of the accuracy of our predictions of chances of acceptance and our refund policy, please click on the Accuracy Guaranteed icon on the top right of the page.

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With the breadth of admissions statistics and information available for each college, it can be difficult to determine wheather students are considering a solid range of colleges. I find's quick, inexpensive and accurate predictions extremely valuable in formulating admissions strategies for my clients.

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About Williams College

Founded in 1793 by Colonel Ephraim Williams, Williams College is the second oldest college in Massachusetts. Williams is private, residential, and liberal arts, with graduate programs in the history of art and in development economics. The college is located in the Berkshires in northwestern Massachusetts, 135 miles from Boston and 165 miles from New York City. Fraternities were phased out beginning in 1962 and the college went coed in 1970.

Williams College is made up of three academic divisions (humanities, sciences, social sciences), 24 departments, 33 majors, plus concentrations and special programs. The student to faculty ratio is 8:1. Students typically take four courses per semester-for eight semesters-to graduate. All students must take at minimum three courses from each of the three academic divisions over four years. However, students are not required to take courses in specific departments to fulfill these distributional requirements (i.e. math, English or foreign languages). The college also requires one course in cultural pluralism, two writing-intensive courses, and one course involving formal reasoning.

Williams students choose among 33 academic majors and 17 concentrations and special programs. Students declare majors at the end of their sophomore year, and most require nine or ten courses in the major field. While Williams does not offer minors, students are able to choose an interdisciplinary concentration or another major. Nearly a third of our students choose to double (or triple) major.

Approximately half of all students participate in intercollegiate sports (34 percent at the varsity level). There are 32 varsity intercollegiate teams (16 men's and 16 women's), 15 JV teams, 8 club sport teams, and 11 intramural sports.

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