Accuracy Guaranteed.

Go4Ivy is the only college admissions prediction service to track its accuracy and offer a money-back guarantee.

Go4Ivy has averaged 93% accuracy since its founding in 2001.

Accuracy for the high school class of 2007 was affected by the addition of the Writing section to the SAT test. Admissions officers were trying to decide whether to include it in their decisions, so their processes were in flux. As colleges made determinations about the Writing section, our models were updated to reflect their decisions.  Since then, our accuracy has increased as the data has stabilized.  We continue to refine our technology to model the ever-changing admissions standards at each college.

Bar chart of accuracy statistics

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to accurately predict students' chances of admission that if we incorrectly predict your chance of getting into any college, you will receive a full refund of the fee you paid for that prediction.

How an “Incorrect” Prediction is Defined

For purposes of the money back guarantee, a prediction is considered “incorrect” if the chance of admission we provide for a college is 51% or better and (based on the same data you provided to us) that college does not accept you.  Or, if we predict your chance of admission to be less than 50% and (based on the same data you provided to us) you are accepted, then we will also refund the fee paid for that college.

A Note About Interpreting Your Chances of Admission

A prediction greater than 50% does not necessarily mean that you will be admitted to a college; likewise, a prediction less than 50% does not necessarily mean that you will be rejected from a college.  We use those cut-offs for the purpose of the guarantee because in the end, either you are admitted or not.  However, your chance of admission is a probability that means more when it is considered in the context of being a “reach,” “likely,” or “safety” school.  We encourage applicants to apply to a range of colleges based on their chances of being admitted.  For more detailed advice, please read about Planning an Admissions Strategy.

Waitlisted Outcomes

Our money back guarantee does not apply to waitlisted outcomes.  This is because being on the waitlist is neither a rejection nor an acceptance, so we are unable to determine accuracy in this case.  If, however, a student is admitted off the waitlist and his predicted chance was less than 50%, then the prediction would be considered “incorrect” and a refund would be issued.

Requesting a Refund

Please Report Your Admissions Outcomes in order to request a refund.  You will be asked to provide a copy of your SAT, SAT Subject Test and/or ACT score reports and admissions outcome letters from the college(s).  

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