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ChancesR™ Calculator

Comprehensive statistical analysis powered by unique algorithms for each college

Your Chances of Admission Report

Below is a chances of admission report for a student who was interested in finding out where she stands at a number of highly competitive colleges. Her percentage chances of admission are shown in the bar chart along with each college’s overall acceptance rate. Her chances of admission are color-coded indicating which colleges are reach (yellow), likely (orange) and safety schools (blue).

Below the bar chart, a partial selection of the student’s profile data is shown. Other data was included in her chances of admission calculations such as her demographic information, details about her high school, other tests such as APs and IBs, and more…. Clients can log-in to their accounts to view/update their complete profile, view/print purchased reports, and order additional reports.

Based on her report, the student can see that she has good chances of admission at some highly competitive colleges. However, her chances of admission at these colleges are highly concentrated in the 40-60% range. She may want to consider replacing some of those colleges with ones for where her chances of admission are above 75%. It would also be prudent for her to ensure that she adds one or two safety schools (chances of admission greater than 86%) to her list.

She might have been surprised to learn that her chances of admission at Harvard and Stanford are greater than her chances at Duke, Penn, and Amherst. This is due to a number of factors including each college’s testing requirements, the value each college places extracurricular achievements and leadership versus academic achievements, legacy, applying early, etc.

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